They’re made from a special blend of high-quality flower, concentrate, and kief that packs a potent punch in every puff.


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Moonrock Cart Store answers the question: Is there a reliable cannabis delivery near me? Patients in Downtown Los Angeles, Silverlake, Koreatown, USC area, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Alhambra, Glendale, Burbank, Beverly Hills, and More can buy premium, organic cannabis products delivered quickly to their door.

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Moonrock Clear Batteries are here in spectacular vibrant colors. Now you can get to the moon in style! Soft Touch* 510 Thread Rechargeable LED Light Tip Inhale Activation 350mAh Battery Capacity 25% more vapor volume than other brands *GLOW in the Dark Battery is not Soft Touch*
What People Say
We aim to make sure our clients get the best out of everything they get

Ben Hawklin / UK

Like most, I was a little hesitant to deal with them due to my unfamiliarity with them. They were responsive and open about the item I wanted, cost, shipping, etc. Within a few days, I had the item on my doorstep and could not be happier. Well done.

Mark Jance / USA

The concierges were very helpful, the item I purchased came very fast, and I was delighted with how well the item matched the description and pictures on the website. I will hopefully use the site again.

Locas Noah / Germany

I was a bit anxious about buying a $2,000 weed strain over the internet, but everything went perfectly. The product is in mint condition, just as described. Smooth transaction. Rapid email responses. I would recommend it to friends.

Moonrock weed

Marijuana moon rocks are created by dipping a marijuana bud or nugget in your favorite concentrate. The Girl Scout Cookie strain is generally used for the bed and concentrate due to its higher THC content. Anyway, almost any range can be used.

Buy Moonrock Weed

These nuggets are then rolled in kief, a perfect form of resinous marijuana trichrome crystals. Kief is generally sieved and combined in the bottom compartment of a marijuana grinder. The item is then dried.

Due to this process, moon rocks are generally extremely high in THC. As with other marijuana products, the potency will change depending on the strain, the concentration of marijuana oil and the creation of the product. Anyway, most common moon rocks contain approximately 50 percent THC, which is significantly higher than typical dispensary-sourced marijuana.

How to use

To use cannabis moon rocks, they must first be torn apart to place in rolling papers, vaporizer or some type of marijuana glass wear. Scissors rather than a grinder are advised for the process as the dense moon rocks tend to clog the grinder. It is vital to note here, that these rocks can be hard to light and remain light, so glass pipes or bongs are preferred.

Some moon rock users even advise the rock be placed upon some regular marijuana flower, so it is easier to light and continue to burn. Alternatively, a hemp wick can be used, which will reduce lighting time and butane gas inhaled.

Marijuana moon rocks are generally advised solely for experienced users, as the moon rock experience can be high for new users. The high is significantly bigger than regular techniques of cannabis use which can leave some users feeling overwhelmed.

If the risks are considered and you plan to proceed, ensure to follow the safety tips to make sure you gain the most fun experience possible.

Moonrock carts

Moonrock carts are one of the most famous product among cannabis lovers, and for best reason. These carts pack a serious punch thanks to their THC high content, which can range anywhere from 80-90 percent. But with greater power comes with potential downsides.

Buy Moonrock Carts

One of the key drawbacks of Moonrock carts is that they can pretty costly matched to other types of carts on the market. Additionally, since they are so potent, it is vital to use them responsibly and in moderation to reject unwanted bad effects like paranoia or anxiety.

When it comes to actually smoking Moonrock carts, there are many techniques you can try. Some people favor to use traditional vape pen battery while others go for disposable batteries that come pre-loaded with the cart.

If you are skeptical about whether or not Moonrock carts are real or if you have been sold a counterfeit item, there are a few things you can look out for. For example, real moonrocks should have visible trichomes and true scent.

Moonrock carts provide a special and intense cannabis experience that many users live. Just ensure you perform your research before investing in the costly product.

How top smoke moonrock carts

Smoking carts is easy process that needs little effort. First, you need to ensure that your battery is completely charged and compatible with the carts threading. Next, attach the battery cart by screwing it in place.

Once everything is set up, take a little puff from the mouthpiece of the cart and wait for a few seconds before inhaling deeply into your lungs. It is important to begin with little hits because moonrocks are potent and can cause overwhelming effects if used excessively.

Moonrock carts come in various flavors, so be sure to pick one that matches your taste buds. The flavor profile of each cart varies depending on its terpene and strain content.


Dr zodiak moonrock clear

Dr Zodiaks moonrocks clear carts is a high end THC distillate that tests about ninety percent. The one gram cart is manufactured with a multi-step technique of marijuana purification; infused with all natural terpene, buy Moonrock clear OG is a high end THC distillate that tests about ninety percent.

Buy Dr zodiak moonrock clear

Dr. Zodiak moonrock clear cookies is a THC and high distillate, because it tests about ninety percent and has a great feeling and treatment to lots of mantel and body diseases such as excitement, pain, stress, etc. Dr. Z manufactures this cannabis vape cart with a multi-step technique of cannabis purification and infused with all natural terpenes. So, you forever get a best smoke.

What to know

Moon rocks is actually developed by Dr. Zodiak himself and his partner rapper Kuruput.

And the objective of their creation si to make a cannabis high that will be top best on the earth.

Firstly, they introduced Moonrock Ice, Moon rock edibles and blunts. Next to their real moonrocks.
Secondly, their Dr Zodiak moonrocks clear jointed their item line providing another strong and ease way to use cannabis.

The brand is finding ground-breaking and new ways of helping patients to medicate and to find relief on-demand from their ailments.

Their clear carts are part of the drive, providing users the chance to find relief while on the go.

End words

There are some best things about this brand.  They emerge to be reliable and the flavors are quite good. We also found that the hits were not bad at all and the THC content is quite high. This is a full good THC cart. This is a full good THC cart option for those who want distillate. Leave your own Dr. Zoiaks moon rock clear cart review in the comments below and share with others experience.

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