Ice Capz Moonrocks Powered By Hi Tech 20 Jar Case

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Hi tech ice capz moonrock is a top quality moon rock weed brand which brings a variety of moonrock flavors. Ice Caps is a hybrid weed strain made from a genetic cross between Ice Cream Cake and Blue Power. This strain is 35% sativa and 65% indica. Ice Caps is 20% THC, making this strain an ideal choice for experienced cannabis consumers.

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Ice capz moonrocks are created by dipping a marijuana bud or nugget in your favorite concentrate. The Girl Scout Cookie strain is generally used for the bed and concentrate due to its higher THC content. Anyway, almost any range can be used.

These nuggets are then rolled in kief, a perfect form of resinous marijuana trichrome crystals. Kief is generally sieved and combined in the bottom compartment of a marijuana grinder. The item is then dried.

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